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NEW - IMOULIVE 8" Cordless Pole Saw & Mini Chainsaw, 21V 3Ah Li-ion Battery, 15.2' Max - For Wood Cutting & Trimming - Retail $199

NEW - IMOULIVE 8" Cordless Pole Saw & Mini Chainsaw, 21V 3Ah Li-ion Battery, 15.2' Max - For Wood Cutting & Trimming - Retail $199

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  • šŸ”怐Combination of Cordless Pole Saw & 8 Inch Chainsaw怑IMOUMLIVE has made a new upgrade to the 8-inch brushless chainsaw by adding an automatic telescopic pole (which can be installed and used at will according to the actual situation) to meet the needs of users in different working scenarios. You can either use the chainsaw by itself to trim low branches or attach the extension rod to work on tall trees. Climbing or ladders are not required, which makes the operation safer and more reliable.
  • šŸ”怐Adjustable Extension Pole怑If you want to trim branches that are out of reach without using ladders, the IMOUMLIVE brushless pole saw is the perfect tool for you. The extension rod has an adjustable length from 4.8 ft to 9.2 ft and a reachable distance of 15.2 ft (when a 6 ft person holds the extension rod straight at an 60 angle to the ground). Since you are standing on the ground, the extension rod allows you to adjust the trimming distance on demand.
  • šŸ”怐Powerful Brushless Moter & Double Safety Protections怑When you choose our IMOUMLIVE brushless chainsaw, you will get a professional product that can get the work done. Compared to chainsaws with brushed motors, this upgraded chainsaw offers 360% longer lifespan, 85% more power output, and 230% more efficiency. You need to press down the safety lock and pull the trigger to start the tool, which doubles the safety measures. The perfect budget pole saw for those quick but tricky jobs.
  • šŸ”怐Upgraded Lubrication System怑IMOUMLIVE chainsaw is equipped with an upgraded lubrication system that greatly extends the lifespan of the tool. The system lubricates the chain by rotating around it while keeping the chain running at the speed of 25 ft/s. This keeps the chain perfectly lubricated and results in a smooth and effective cutting operation every time. All you need to do is to add lubricants in the reservoir and freely control the amount of oil filled when needed.
  • āœØIMOUMLIVE's 2-in-1 pole saw series of combination gardening tools has applied for a global invention patent.

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