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NEW - Farberware Pump Activated Salad Spinner - Retail $17

NEW - Farberware Pump Activated Salad Spinner - Retail $17

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Farberware presents an indispensable tool for leading a healthier lifestyle: the Farberware Pump Salad Spinner. You can both wash and dry salad greens and other produce, including fruits and even berries, in seconds, and all in the same bowl! Place desired produce into the basket, rinse thoroughly, then put it in the bowl. Cover with the lid, and use the one-handed soft-touch mechanism to spin dry your salad in seconds. The bowl features a soft, non-slip base, so it won’t slide off your countertop while you’re spinning. Additionally, the soft-touch break button stops the basket immediately when desired. You can also use the basket as a colander and the clear bowl for serving. Say goodbye to soggy. It’s time to start enjoying quick and easy healthy eating every day with salads and produce that are crisp, delicious, and so very nutritious!

  • Lid with easy pump mechanism and soft touch brake
  • Basket
  • Bowl

  • Quickly dry vegetables or fruit
  • Basket can be used as a colander
  • Bowl is great for mixing/serving
  • Stable non-slip base
  • Bowl has 6.65 qt capacity
  • Basket has 5.25 qt capacity

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