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Prestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat House - Retail $199

Prestige Cat Trees Maine Coon Cat House - Retail $199

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In good condition. There is a slight musty smell - may need to air out in the sun for a day. 

Our Maine Coon Cat House was designed for Extra Large Cats, Large Cats and households with multiple cats. We handcraft this piece in the USA with high quality materials such as solid wood, thick and plush household grade carpet and a natural and thick unoiled sisal rope.  Our high quality materials will ensure your cat furniture will be strong, sturdy, safe and comfortable for your cat. Features:Designed for extra large cats, large cats, and multiple catsSolid woodThick and plush household grade carpetNatural and thick unoiled sisal ropeDimensions: 24" W x 24" D x 65" HHandcraft in the USAColor: Gray

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